Complete reservation system consisting of two models,Kazuma and Sho

gay oil massage salon exclusively for men.

there are from the 90 minutes course, and two people alone can operate in a private room.

we also have the outcall service .

One of the attractions is that we have a closer relationship with our customers

unlike a chain salon because our salon is run by an individual.


Please come and visit us not only gay and bisexual, also straight guys if interested.


〜Callout service〜

Everyone often use the callout service.

The same massage as at the salon will be provided at the hotel and so on.

We also recommend the callout service.


In addition to the above price,¥1,000- is required.

¥2,000- is required after 22:00pm

(only here in Nagoya city)

〜Testicular massage〜

Our salon is especially focused on testicular massage.

Promoting detox by giving a testicular massage

It has the effect of refreshing the body.

It is also expected to improve energy and enhance the masculine appeal.


※Effect varies from person to person.

※All Sakurada Familia services are just for relaxation.

Please note that it is not intended for medical practice.