〜Welcome to Sakurada Familia〜

Hi, we are Sakurada Familia.

We are doing Oil massage for men in Nagoya.

We offer a little rich adult play as a reward to everyone who works hard every day.

Forget the busy days enjoy the best relaxation!

Foreigners are welcome.Please don't hesitate to contact us in English.

And also our English isn't so good so feel free to ask us if there is anything unclear.


〜To new customers〜

When you hear men's gay oil massage Don't you think something's fishy?

That's right.

there are many kind of this gay massage salons that are not showing up face 

and if the model doesn't type, you'll feel ripped off.

I can understand that feeling very well!!

Sakurada familia is running by Kazuma and Sho.

We are active on SNS.

You can get to know us before you come and visit.

So when you visit us for the first time, you can relax and feel free to consult.


And you'll know when you meet, we are really bright and friendly.

We are doing our best that everyone can relax truly.


Please come and visit us once with your a little courage!


Kazuma &  Sho


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